Dr Bridget Scott B.M, B.cH, Lic. Ac

Traditional Acupuncture

Bridget is a qualified G.P. specialising in Acupuncture since 1981.  She is registered with the British Acupuncture Council.

Chinese medicine, (of which Acupuncture is a branch) is a complete system of diagnosis and treatment and as such is able to treat a wide range of conditions.  It is also widely used as a preventative measure.  Regular Acupuncture treatment can help maintain good health.

Bridget treats in a variety of ways.  In some cases, a short course of eg. 3 or 4 treatments will resolve a musculoskeletal problem.  In others, a longer course will help settle a range of functional disorders, while some patients find an occasional treatment over a long time period is helpful in supporting energy levels and general wellbeing.  Bridget also uses Acupuncture in pregnancy and for fertility related problems.

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