Who should I see?

Most of our patients have been recommended to an individual practitioner, perhaps by their GP, a family member, friend or colleague.  However, some patients contacting the practice may not know who will be able to help them.

No one discipline has all the answers to the wide range of problems patients present with. We appreciate the difficulty you may have in deciding who to consult about your complaint.

By including a number of carefully selected disciplines under one roof we are in a unique position to be able to advise which of our practitioners will be able to help you.  This is made possible by our commitment to achieving a clear understanding of the principles and practice of our colleagues, as well as pursuing our own continuing professional development.  We achieve this through attendance at conferences and courses, regular in-house multi-disciplinary team meetings, as well as informal discussion during the course of each working day.

We are always happy to discuss your problem with you over the telephone or in person prior to making an appointment.  Please feel free to contact our friendly front desk team who will pass on your message.

To find out more follow the link to the 'Treatment Options' listed on our home page.