Stephanie Owen MSc, PGCert, BSc (Hons), HPC reg.

Stephanie qualified as a podiatrist in 1999 at Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh and went on to work in the Edinburgh area for the NHS Trust.

She  moved to the beautiful city of York where she  worked in a Primary Care NHS trust as a Specialist MSK Podiatrist and took up a consulting role at the private Nuffield Hospital.  In 2008 she moved to Galway, Ireland and helped set up Ireland's first school of podiatry at National University of Ireland, Galway.

Her specialist interest is in the musculoskeletal movement of the lower limb and foot has taken Stephanie to many corners of the globe where she has taught, practised clinically, and carried out research.

Stephanie is delighted to be part of the team at Kyrle House and has enjoyed  bringing her podiatric biomechanical skills into this vibrant practice.

What is podiatric biomechanics?

Biomechanics is the application of the laws of physics to the human body.  It enables us to apply mechanical principles to the lower limb in both stance and motion.

Biomechanical principles enable the assessment of your foot and lower limb function with much greater scientific and diagnostic accuracy.

Your foot is an amazing and complex structure - a lever system over which your whole body is propelled forwards.  The foot is also a shock absorber, cushioning anatomical structures within the foot and lower limbs from the huge forces placed through it at every step. 

Foot function can alter due to a variety of factors including: genetics, ageing, physical stresses, disease processes, injury and poorly fitting footwear, or pain.  One or more of these factors can produce altered timing and function of the joints and soft tissues within the foot and lower limb resulting in impaired biomechanical function.

To book appointments: Please go to her website at:

www.so-podiatry.co.uk where you can book online or

phone her direct: 01432 667380