Remedial Massage

Nicky Shechter

Sports/Remedial/Deep tissue Massage Therapist

Nicky's initial interest in sports massage developed from being a professional sports women for many years, riding and competing dressage at advanced level.

Her experience with professional sports people has been working with the local rugby 1st team, triathlons, swim galas and the London marathon.

Sports massage can also be used for many other repetitive strain injuries that are not necessarily sports related.

Nicky is a member of the FHT (Federation of holistic therapists), she trained for 2 years at Hereford College doing her Anatomy & Physiology diploma and Swedish Massage, and then trained for another year at Gloucester College doing her Sports massage diploma

Sports/Remedial/ Deep Tissue Massage can benefit:

•Athletes- adopting sports massage into your training schedule can help prevent injuries by removing toxins and waste products, that can build up in the muscle, and thus improve performance by increasing stamina, strength and suppleness, giving you the competitive edge

•Those seeking relief from muscle tension or requiring massage for maintenance of healthy muscles.

•Poor posture, too long sitting in front of computer screens and stress, sports massages can help alleviate many of these symptoms leading to a healthier happier life.

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